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Bunburying for Fun and Profit

And science!

Bunburyists of the World, Unite!
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Bunbury (buhn-burree)
1. An imaginary relation used exclusively as an excuse to get out of attending social events.
2. The act of bunburying (i.e., lying outrageously in order to get out of doing something undesireable)

Bunburyist (buhn-burree-ehng)
1. Any person who engages in bunburying.

See also: Procrastination, bullshitting

The Old Mods:

Under New Management

Welcome to The Official Bunburying Community! Here is the place to post your own Bunburying stories!

What, in fact, is Bunburying? Read above, of course! The entire world of Bunbury is all around you, waiting, a wonderful tool at your beck and call!

The great (fictional) hero Algernon Moncrieff would roll in his (fictional) grave if there wasn't at least one community supporting our right as humans to utterly bullshit our way through anything we can think of.

We would love for you to fill out this teeny questionnaire. Us Bunburyists just love to get to know our fellow nondriven!

Name, please:

Age, if you will:

When did you discover the wonderful world of Bunbury?

Please explain, briefly, your first Bunbury experience:

What is the most you got away with?

Are you an Algernon Moncrieff or a John Worthing?

Other stuff: anything else you'd like to declare?

Post a picture of yourself, or your MySpace webpage:

So what is the purpose of the_bunburyists?

Be creative! Share tips! And most of all, have as much fun as possible without straining yourself too much.

Special Notes to Invites: I'm not seeking to find just any old person who happens to have one interest or another on their Interests lists that matches ours...I chose you because I'm looking for special people who seem to have a feel for that beautiful point in time of late 19th century London. Whose LJ and profile, whether Friends Only or not, seem to represent for me the kind of people who would enjoy this type of community. For the people that I extend a sepcial invitation to, I feel that you can bring a certain element to the community that I'm looking for. Oh, and PS: the fact that I'm inviting certain people doesn't mean anyone can't still join, of course!