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hey everybody!

Ah, what an Algernon Moncrieff I've become. September came and went, and I dawdled and twiddled my thumbs and damn near Bunburried MYSELF into believing that the_bunburyists would be fine without life, without the revival of myself and you all, my fellow Bunburyists. How wrong I was, noble people! I should have at least indicated a temporary replacement maintainer until my return...but no matter. Every mistake made is a lesson learned:

LESSON 3: At times, one must sacrifice long-term Bunburying for the sake of one's fellow Bunburyists.

I do not feel the need to give an example, as this is such an excellent one.

But now it is time to put my lesson into action!

Let me take a step back from Bunburying for a quick second and make a dreaded *gasp* LIST for all to see! Apologies, but it must be done.

What's new?

*New layout, with a background handmade by me. I'm no artist, but I was attempting to acheive simplicity. I think it's lovely.

*New, extended profile.

*New brainstorming with the other maintainer, Adriana, to figure out what the new and improved community will encompass.

What needs to be done?

*New icons; the old one's getting rather dusty.

*Profile banners, perhaps?

*Invitations! I'm not seeking to find just any old person who happens to have one interest or another on their Interests lists that matches ours...I'm looking for special people who seem to have a feel for that beautiful point in time of late 19th century London. Whose LJ and profile, whether Friends Only or not, seem to represent for me the kind of people whi would enjoy this type of community. Oh, and PS: the fact that I'm inviting people doesn't mean anyone can't still join, of course!

*Promo prostitution! If invitation isn't a complete success, it's back to the old community_promo standby. I'm looking to avoid that much work...obviously.

This is where my fellow Bunburyists come in. Everything above is the job of the maintainers, unless, of course, you're willing to volunteer. What we need from you is all the support we can get...a comment to this post saying that you are here, and alive, and ready and willing to welcome all new members to our wonderful community! Because I'm sure even Algernon felt lonely sometimes...

Bunburyists, unite!
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