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New Feature!

Introducing the Lesson Feature! Why, what is more of a necessary asset of teaching the noble art of Bunburying than numbered lessons? You won't need to be book-taught Bunburying ever again! Of course, anyone skilled in the art of Bunburying may post a new lesson at anytime. They will be posted under the Memories feature!

LESSON 2: If caught Bunburying, riddle them with riddles.

Yesterday night I was mopping our huge kitchen floor. Of course, it's too unwieldy and large to consider moppping it properly. One must Bunbury in this case.

Mother demands that I dip the entire mop in the bucket, squeeze it out, mop a section of floor, squeeze it out again, wipe the floor again. This torture could take hours. So instead, I usually dip the very tip of the mop into the bucket, and wipe the floor only once, which takes about ten minutes.

Usually my mom's not around when I clean the floor. But last night she was. Mom was in the other room, so I thought I could get away with it easily. But she saw me Bunbury the floor. She came in the room to confront me.

Mom: "You didn't clean the floor right".

"What are you talking about?"

Mom: "This floor isn't clean."

"But I did it."

Mom: "I saw you through the door."

"Mum...don't you think I'd KNOW how to do the floor by now? Isn't it clean EVERY TIME I mop it?"

Mom: "..."

"You should assign Alyssa the kitchen more often."

Mom: "You know she has a job."

"But I'll probably get a job soon; who'll do it then?"

Mom: "..."

Mom leaves the room.

In conclusion, to escape the clutches of those who caught you Bunburying, always divert their attention, and/or answer their questions with questions, in which they will become confused. People not used to wit do that more often than you think.

PS: New layout!
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