~*Amity Caught Stars in Her Arms*~ (diamond_life) wrote in the_bunburyists,
~*Amity Caught Stars in Her Arms*~

New Changes

All right guys, shall I do a little vote?

I have a collection of backgrounds in consideration for the_bunburyists. I'll keep this one up for a week. Comment to vote for it. In a few days I'll put up another one. Le comment for that if you like it.

I'll require every new user after this to give their Bunburying stories upon joining the community. And then we'll vote on whether this is Bunburying or not. Or should we do that? I hate rating communities...what do you think?

I'm going to design several nice Bunburying banners to link to, perhaps.

And then I'll be exhausted! I haven't done this much work in ages! =)
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